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Isla de Chiloe y Chaiten

iglesia de Castro (Chiloe), Quellon (Chiloe) y playa de Chaiten un año antes de ser destruida por la erupción del volcán

The Churches of Chiloé represent a unique example in Latin America of an outstanding form of ecclesiastical wooden architecture. They represent a tradition initiated by the Jesuit Mission in the 17th and 18th centuries, continued and enriched by the Franciscans during the 19th century and still prevailing today. These churches embody the intangible richness of the Chiloé Archipielago

Chiloe has a humid, cool temperate climate. The western side of the island is rainy and wild, home to the Valdivian temperate rain forests, one of the world's few acid rain forests. Chiloé National Park (Spanish: Parque Nacional de Chiloé) is located on the island's western shore and Tantauco Park (Spanish: Parque Tantauco) a private natural reserve created and owned by Chilean business magnate and President-elect of Chile Sebastián Piñera, is located on the island's southern shore and both include parts of the coastal range. The eastern shore, in the rain shadow of the interior mountains, is warmer and drier.

The town of Chaiten was evacuated in May 2008 when the Chaitén volcano erupted for the first time in more than 9,000 years. The eruption, which commenced May 2, became more violent on May 5, throwing up a high plume of ash and sulfurous steam that rose to 19 miles (31 km), from which ashfall drifted across Patagonia, and over the Atlantic Ocean.
The town was completely flooded on May 12, 2008 after a lahar caused the banks of the Blanco River to overflow about 200 m on each side. Over the subsequent weeks, the river excavated a new course through Chaitén, completely destroying a significant part of it by July 2008.
Reconstruction of Chaitén
On February 25, 2009 the government announced it was going to rebuild Chaitén 10 km north of its current location in a coastal place known as Santa Bárbara or "Fandango Norte. On March 3, 2009 construction work on the new town's administrative facilities started.

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